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Perform world-class storage experiments with top-notch technology
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  • Conduct short and long term storage experiments with ease

  • Determine optimal storage conditions of new and existing cultivars

  • Very accurate measurement of temperature, humidity, pressure, O2, CO2 and C2Hdue to sensor drift monitoring an automatic calibration

  • Machine-learning to control gas composition with minimal usage of gas and energy

  • OptiLab software suite for real-time visualization, analysis and reporting. Ideal for publishing papers

  • Designed for OptiControl DCA

System overview

The OptiLab system consists our of three main parts: 


Optiflux' laboratory storage units: for airtight storage of fresh fruit and vegetable samples under CA, ULO or DCA while maintaining easy acces for sample collection.​ Storage containers can be placed in any type of storage room.

OptiSense: measurement and control system for laboratory containers. Precise measurement and control of gas composition with minimal usage of gas and energy. Available from 5 to 200 storage units.

OptiLab software suite: The ultimate software to configure and manage your storage experiments and related data. All data on storage conditions, post-harvest treatments, quality assessments and experiment logbooks in one place for easy visualisation, analysis and reporting anywhere anytime.

OptiLab system overview new.png
Lab storage containers


OptiLab   software suite



The ultimate measurement and control system 
Measurement features
  • Most accurate measurement of O2, CO2, C2H4, NH3 temperature, humidity and pressure

  • Customizable measurement interval

  • Monitoring of sensor drift and automatic calibration

  • Measurement of respiration and ethylene production rate

  • Comes with OptiLab software suite for data visualization, analysis and reporting

  • Easy installation, low maintenance and first-class support worldwide

  • Available in discontinuous and continuous measurement mode

Control features
  • Control of O2, CO2, and C2H4 by injection and scrubbing

  • Powered by machine learning for self-optimization of control actions

  • Reduced injection gas usage

  • Fast pulldown mode

  • Preset CA/ULO-profiles to be followed


OptiLab   software suite

The ultimate environment for data visualization, analysis and reporting
Optilab SW suite.png
  • Cloud-based and accessible anywhere anytime

  • Customizable graphs

  • Easy configuration of experiments (containers, channels and contents)

  • All data on storage conditions, treatments, logs and quality assessments in one place

  • Alarms and notifications center

  • Well documented REST API for data exchange

Optiflux' lab storage unit

Experience unparalleled ease-of-use and unmatched airtightness
Optiflux Lab Container.jpg
  • Air circulation system for perfect gas mixing.

  • Internal probes for fruit and air temperature measurement

  • Airtight storage container with airlock

  • Various volumes available

  • Easy to open and close for sample collection

  • Provided with septa for manual  gas collection

  • Easy to move by accompanying dolly

Contact us!

Looking for expanding or upgrading your R&D infrastructure? OptiLab is right there to meet all your demands. Reach out and one of our representatives for more information or a detailed quote.

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