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What’s the quality of your harvest? 

QualityInsights empowers growers, packers and traders around the world with advanced vision detection and AI technologies to automatically assess product size and color. It has unique traceability features, allowing the product's journey through the supply chain to be tracked and ensuring unwavering quality at every step. It comes with a customizable quality analytics dashboard and automatically generates reports to share with buyers and suppliers.



Scan your bin and barcode


Take a picture of the bin


Confirm picture or retake


Save to Optiflux Cloud platform

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Explore the capabilities of our cutting-edge AI models designed to detect color, size, and disorders across a diverse range of products and cultivars. From intricate pear varieties boasting numerous shapes to other complex items, our technology processes them in mere seconds. Experience the advantages of this automated system, gaining valuable insights into the quality of your incoming products effortlessly.


QualityInsights APP 

Install our mobile app and begin capturing images of your products. The pictures are securely stored and accessible through the Optiflux QualityInsights dashboard. Ensure traceability with our app's compatibility with various bar and QR codes, providing a reliable solution for your needs.


QualityInsights Dashboard

Access crucial information for your intakes through the QualityInsights dashboard, which offers a pre-sorting report and comprehensive details.

Receive batch-level reports on size, color, and disorders, providing essential insights into your stock and empowering you to make informed decisions throughout the supply chain.

The web app is compatible with any connected device and can be customized to suit the specific needs of your company.

Efficiency: Rapid processing of product quality assessments, saving time and resources compared to manual methods.

Consistency: Ensures uniformity in quality assessment criteria, eliminating variations associated with human judgment.

Accessibility: Accessible on any connected device, providing convenience and flexibility for users within the organization.


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Advantages for growers 

Gain numerous benefits from adopting an automated quality intake AI system. The technology ensures efficient and accurate assessments of fruit quality, saving time and resources. With rapid processing and detailed insights into size, color, and disorders, growers can make informed decisions, enhancing overall product quality. 

Advantages for storers 

For fruit storage facilities, embracing an automated quality intake AI system translates to a host of advantages. The technology ensures swift and precise assessments of fruit quality, expediting the intake process and minimizing operational delays. By providing detailed insights into size, color, and potential disorders at batch levels, the system enables proactive quality management.

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