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Store better, longer & smarter

StorageOptimum is an all-encompassing platform designed for monitoring, controlling, and optimizing storage conditions for a wide range of fresh produce. It features a highly accurate sensor system, user-friendly web interfaces, and is complemented by Optiflux post-harvest services. With Storage Optimum, elevate your storage practices for fresh produce, ensuring enhanced quality, extended shelf life, and smarter storage management



The OptiSense system is as an add-on control and measurement system for new and existing Controlled Atmosphere (CA) rooms. Renowned for its precision, modularity, and measurement capabilities covering gas conditions (O2-CO2-C2H4), temperature, pressure, air quality, and humidity, the unique system is tailored for Respiration Quotient (RQ) measurements, and ethylene production

Why choose an independent measurement system for your existing CA room?

Optiflux sensor system adds safety, precision, and time savings. With its precision, it enables you to measure the respiration rate and ethylene production of fresh produce. These parameters are crucial for accurately assessing the condition of stored fruit.

Available for:

Industrial storage rooms

Small volumes (OptiPallet)


Monitor and control your storage
better and easier
 than ever before

WatchDog serves as a visual interface for overseeing storage room conditions and issuing alerts upon detecting deviations from the desired parameters. Optiflux offers the flexibility to integrate existing measurements into the platform or enhance your facilities with our OptiSense system for an extra layer of safety. With Watchdog, gain peace of mind as it becomes the interface that ensures meticulous monitoring of Controlled Atmosphere (CA) storage facilities.

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  • Monitor your facilities with ease

  • Get alerts and notifications per room

  • Keep track of events with our logbook

  • 100 % digital and remote


The time is ripe :


Monitor fruit stress and ripening

OptiControl monitors key parameters related to fruit stress and ripening. Our post-harvest teams analyze Respiration Quotient (RQ) measurements, oxygen and carbon dioxide production rates, as well as ethylene levels. This enables us to identify transitions in fruit metabolism and provide tailored advice on the condition of each specific batch of stored fruit.


Find the optimum 

OptiControl and StorageInsights serve as the means to anticipate and maintain the optimal quality of your stored fruit by:

  • Ensuring that rooms are opened precisely at the opportune moment.

  • Selecting batches tailored for short, mid, or long-distance transport.

  • Anticipating shelf-life accurately.

  • Keep track of the ripening stage of your fruit

  • Tap in to Optiflux post-harvest expertise 

  • Open rooms at the right moment


OptiControl DCA

The ultimate long storage, without 1-MCP


Dynamic Controlled Atmosphere

Introducing our patented DCA (Dynamic Controlled Atmosphere) technology as an alternative to 1-MCP treatment. DCA involves a gradual reduction of O2 levels in the cold store until fruit respiration indicates low O2 stress. The room's O2 level is then slightly increased until the stress diminishes. This unique approach allows for storing fruit at the lowest possible O2 level, ensuring optimal quality retention without the risk of off-flavors or storage disorders.

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Store longer and better

  • 100 % organic

  • Eliminating superficial scald

  • Up to 15 % lower cooling and storage costs compared to ULO

  • Tailored to each specific batch of fruit

  • Longer shelflife compared to ULO

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