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Optiflux' solutions from Pick to Pack

Where you see a piece of fruit, we see a treasure of data that will help you to better harvest, store, transport and sell. Discover the value of data from pick to pack.

Automated quality assesement
Quality Insights

What’s the quality of your harvest? 

  • Get data driven insights to better sell, store and distribute your fruit

  • Time-saving & easy-to-use app

Storage room
Storage Insights

How long can you store your fruit?

  • What’s the ideal selling time? 

  • Insights by batch, storage room or pallet

  • Improve pack-out rates 

  • Evaluate effectiveness of post-harvest treatments such as 1-MCP

Quality prediction
Storage optimization

Store better, longer & smarter

  • The platform to measure, monitor and control storage rooms

  • Find the optimal storage conditions for new and existing cultivars

  • For small pallets and storage rooms

Quality from Pick to Pack

Whether you are fruit grower, a fruit auction, a reseller or a pick to pack integrated fruit organization, we cover quality across the whole fruit chain, taking advantage of data collected on one central platform.



Sell smart by selling smart fruit

We make your fruit smart. By dynamically combining data from harvest history, fruit cultivars, data markers and snapshots with our easy-to-use and time saving app, you’ll get unprecedented insights on size, appearance, shelf life, and sellability.

Quality Insights

Mobile app Optiflux


Efficiency: Rapid processing of product quality assessments, saving time and resources compared to manual methods.


Consistency: Ensures uniformity in quality assessment criteria, eliminating variations associated with human judgment


Accessibility: Accessible on any connected device, providing convenience and flexibility for users within the organization.


Determine optimal room packout order and shelf life

Eliminate the guessing game when storing and retrieving fruit. Determine and predict storage life with uncanny precision. Sell at the optimal moment and increase packout rates.

Storage Insights dashboard


24/7 overview of quality from harvest, during during storage till the moment of package


Predict storability, shelf life and choose the right batches for long transport, local market and ready-to-eat buyers

Evaluate effectiveness of treatment with 1-MCP


Open right room to perfectly match buyer expectations  and destination market


Measure, monitor and control storage conditions for new and existing cultivars

Our StorageOptimum platform helps you to optimize the performance of your storage systems, whether on storage room or pallet level

  • Low entry & easy to install for new and existing storage rooms

  • Accurate & real-time measurement of T, RH, P, O2, CO2, C2H4

  • Determine optimal storage conditions for new cultivars

OptiSense measurement system
  • User-friendly data visualization and analysis with customizable dashboards

  • Storage facility performance analysis & predictive maintenance

  • Next level logbook and reporting features

  • Powered by machine learning to optimize control actions during storage

  • Year-round storage without 1-MCP

  • Save 15% on energy

  • Optimal storage of fruit and vegetables in small volumes

  • For R&D and industrial usage

benefits growers

What makes Optiflux stand out?

Science based: Optiflux, a KU Leuven spin-off, specializes in data-driven fruit quality and storage optimization. Our patented algorithms assess quality, color, size, and shelf life. We've created a non-chemical system to fine-tune storage and transport atmosphere based on fruit respiration.


Data Driven: Precise storage preservation relies on accurate measurements for each orchard, batch, and fruit type. Continuous monitoring from harvesting to packaging enhances quality and shelf-life insights.

visual optiflux

Cloud based: Optiflux data is cloud-stored for secure, anytime access across devices.

End-to-end: Optiflux oversees the entire cycle of fruits and vegetables, from harvest to delivery. Integrating data provides growers and packers with accurate quality and preservation forecasts.

Compatible with your existing monitoring tools

Choose which modules and solutions you want to implement. Optiflux's cloud system integrates with your tools, with our team guiding you to tailor the best setup for your operations.


Become a future-proof sustainable frontrunner

The Food Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO) predicts that the world population would top eight billion by the year 2030. Therefore, the demand for food would increase dramatically. According to the report, crop output is projected to be 70 percent higher in 2030 than current output.

Fruits and vegetables will play an important role in providing essential vitamins, minerals, and dietary fibre to the world, feeding populations in both developed and developing countries. However, during postharvest storage, transport and distribution, losses up to 50% occur.

The Optiflux solutions for measuring and managing quality and conservation can reduce your energy consumption up to 15% and drastically minimizes waste by predicting quality deterioration with precision 

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