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Determine optimal room packout order and shelf life

Fruit quality and storability vary annually. Optiflux provides a solution to assess initial quality during harvest and predict batch-level storability and shelf life. This approach enables informed decisions regarding storage and commercialization.

With Optiflux's Storage Insights quality management system, you can optimize profits and minimize costs and losses, ensuring a strategic and cost-effective approach to fruit management.


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Samples are collected post-harvest and analyzed by Optiflux. The results regarding storability potential are  in your StorageInsight dashboard within three weeks of collection.  


StorageInsights dashboard

Explore our online application that offers a comprehensive overview of quality, storability, and the presence of disorders in each room for every batch. The user-friendly interface provides instant access to data of all stock batches, with easy filtering options based on parameters like cultivar, picking date, postharvest treatments, quality limits, and more. Set alarms to receive timely notifications when key quality attributes such as firmness or color surpass pre-established thresholds. Stay in control and make informed decisions with our intuitive platform.

Combine QualityInsights with StorageInsights 

Optiflux QualityInsight and StorageInsight applications complement each other seamlessly. StorageInsight utilizes predictive simulation models to anticipate quality decay under specific storage conditions. Optiflux extends its services to analyze samples for firmness predictions, yielding highly accurate forecasts for firmness, color, and disorders. Enhance your decision-making with Optiflux's precision in storability predictions.

  • Classification of storability per batch and room

  • Evaluation of effectiveness of 1-MCP treatment

  • High precision predictions of storability

  • User-friendly interface


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Predict the future 

  1. Real-time Updates: Fruit stored in controlled atmosphere conditions undergoes continuous monitoring. Storage Insights utilizes these real-time conditions to update storability predictions promptly.

  2. Comprehensive Data Analysis: By amalgamating pre- and postharvest data spanning multiple years, the system provides insights into orchard-specific quality and storability.

  3. Optimizing Factors Across Orchards: Through the analysis of data from various orchards, Storage Insights offers valuable insights into the key determinants for achieving optimal quality and storability.

90% prediction accuracy on storage time

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